Foundation Philosophy

Programa Docente / Tutor

The Decalogue of the Foundation

  1. Guide students throughout their professional careers.
  2. Advise students on the importance of attending classes.
  3. Advise them on the benefits of punctuality.
  4. Accompany them when they have failed subjects.
  5. Guide them on sales and how to be entrepreneurs.
  6. Motivate them to learn to speak in public.
  7. Guide them to make good decisions.
  8. Encourage them to develop social projects.
  9. Promote the practice of values.
  10. Promote the care of physical, mental and emotional health.

“You have to find ways, not excuses”

To achieve your Life’s Purpose…

You only have one obstacle: Your fears.

There is only one limit: Your imagination.

Only one thing controls you: Your beliefs or thoughts.

“Purpose of Life” is the most complete programme, a life plan. It is made up of 14 purposes, divided into 3 modules.

Module One

Self-knowledge and wisdom
  • PURPOSE 1 To be happy, successful and live fully
  • PURPOSE 2 To know myself
  • PURPOSE 3 What the mind is and how it works
  • PURPOSE 4 To develop your skills
  • PURPOSE 5 To know the universe and its laws

Module two

Growth and Evolution
  • PURPOSE 6 Formation of children
  • PURPOSE 7 Formation of a patrimony
  • PURPOSE 8 Be generous, help, serve

Module three

Realisation and Significance
  • PURPOSE 9 Create the leader or hero I want to be
  • PURPOSE 10 Edify ourselves, each day be happy and successful
  • PURPOSE 11 Keep me inspired and motivated
  • PURPOSE 12 Change my negative way of thinking
  • PURPOSE 13 To train leaders to transform the world
  • PURPOSE 14 Leave a mark, not scars


1. Children with Purpose

2. Youth with Purpose

3. Personal Development

4. Professional Development

5. Social Development

Main Program - Teacher / Tutor

“Teacher / Tutor” is our main programme, which is described in this way:

Teacher / Tutor is a mental training proposal, where people are taught what the mind is and how it works. This being a programme based on self-knowledge, it establishes that behind our suffering, failure, illness, poverty and other adversities that make up our lives, there is something called ignorance. It involves not knowing how to be happy, how to be successful, how to be healthy, how to solve problems, etc.

What “Purpose of Life” gives is information on how to get out of this vicious circle, on why misinformation leads us to suffer and fail. With the “Purpose of Life in Schools” programme we help the beneficiaries to be clear about their objectives and not abandon their studies or purposes.

The “Purpose of Life” programme is implemented in different spaces and these are adjusted depending on the audience. They are implemented in schools of basic education, high schools, universities, companies, the community and the general public through in-person and virtual conferences.

El programa de Propósito de Vida se implementa en diferentes espacios y se ajustan dependiendo la audiencia. Se implementan en escuelas, preparatorias, universidades, empresa, comunidad y público en general a través de conferencias masivas.


Objectives of the Teacher / Tutor program

  1. Reduction in the dropout of students from educational and training programmes, better behaviour and study habits, better social development and better quality of life in our neighbourhoods, less robbery and less delinquency.
  2. In the company, you will have in the future more trained people who will generate better competitiveness. This will increase your productivity and the growth you deserve.
  3. You will have more trained personnel, fewer delays, fewer thefts and a better work environment.
  4. If the entities in the different fields already have a base and are interested in creating synergies with us, we invite them to form an alliance so that our human and economic resources can multiply and we all achieve our purposes.


Each one of us seeks happiness and success, all of this and more is achieved with better education.



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Welcome to the

Teacher / Tutor Program

This is a pre register to the program, for the moment the academic information are only available in spanish, whether you want to take our courses, write an e-mail directly to Alicia Villegas (

Conferencias Magistrales

Each tuesday

Master Conference

Marcelino Muñoz invites you to his keynote “Purpose of Life”, a portrait of the philosophy and objectives of the Marcelino Muñoz Foundation. (available only as Spanish sessions)

conference 1 Conference 2 Conference 3
09:00 AM Tijuana, México

10:00 AM Guatemala

11.00 AM Ciudad de México, Ecuador

12:00 PM Cancún, Mex, Colombia, Nueva York, Bolivia, Perú

13:00 PM Argentina, Brasil, Chile

17:00 PM Irlanda, Reino Unido, España, Francia

02:00 pm Tijuana, México

15:00 PM Guatemala

16.00 PM Ciudad de México, Ecuador

17:00 PM Cancún, Mex, Colombia, Nueva York, Bolivia, Perú

18:00 PM Argentina, Brasil, Chile

17:00 PM Irlanda, Reino Unido

23:00 PM España, Francia

19:00 PM Mexico


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