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Propósito de vida, el por qué y para qué vivir
(Purpose of life, why and what to live for)

Friend, the book begins with three personal stories of a server that you can read in the introduction, and that are the core in which I transmit my life experience to motivate and inspire you so that you can achieve it too, whatever the purpose. you have proposed. (spanish only)

10 Propósitos del docente/tutor como guia, consejero y asesor de los estudiantes
(10 Purposes of the teacher / tutor as guide, counselor and advisor of the students)

Eleventh edition of this book was edited and printed in Mexico City by Porrúa publishing house to be presented in the city of Paris, France, at the Viva México Festival. (spanish only)

The problems in Mexico have cause and effects, that is why we must focus on solving them at their roots. (spanish only)

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10 propósitos de los padres/tutores como responsables de motivar e inspirar a sus hijos para que terminen una carrera profesional.