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Introduction - The Marcelino Muñoz Foundation

The Marcelino Muñoz Foundation is an association dedicated to the teaching of its Teacher / Tutor programme within the Propósito de Vida/Purpose of Life project, which helps people in different areas and environments to precisely find their purpose in life, their personal mission.

The work of the Foundation – The Teacher / Tutor programme within the “Purpose of Life” project – began almost twenty years ago, and over the years it has grown with more and more participants and stronger results.

Our objective is that more students manage to finish a professional career. And why this focus? The vast majority of people who have completed a professional career achieve greater economic stability, do not go to jails and become part of the productive chain in their communities.

Unfortunately, in our countries only 15% receive this level of education, in some regions far fewer than even this. If we manage to get more students to finish their professional careers, we would be strengthening our companies, generating better competitiveness.

With this we also achieve better economic and social progress, so that people would not have the “need” to fall into informal activities or organised crime. They will also be able to cover their basic needs such as shelter, food, footwear, clothing and recreation.

The Foundation recognises that the transformation of Mexican society through its programme of activities – the training of teacher-tutors who will act as guides and counsellors, among other roles – will take three decades or more because their work targets an enormous population (about 90 million people just in Mexico).

And in recent years our ability to achieve these objectives has got stronger through restructuring of our activities and team membership, collaboration with highly professional partners, creation of new programmes, and financial efficiencies. Our “Strengthening Plan” defined in February 2019 was certified through a USAid evaluation.

History of the Foundation

The Jomar Foundation was born in 2010, at the initiative of Marcelino Muñoz Sánchez, an entrepreneur in the automotive field with his company JOMAR, who since 2004 has been carrying out altruistic activities as a result of a profound transformation that he experienced personally. The Foundation is constituted as a Civil Association.

In 2002, Mr. Muñoz created the programme “Purpose of Life – Training Leaders who will change the World” aimed at children, adolescents and adults with the aim of promoting a methodology of change in people’s lives and, through it, to achieve a transformation so that the life purpose of each individual discovered and concrete goals reached.

In March 2020, Mr. Muñoz made the decision to change the name of the association: from “Fundación Jomar” to “Fundación Marcelino Muñoz”. This decision is intended to separate the Foundation from the Jomar company.


Improve the quality of life of millions of Mexicans and Latin Americans through education.

Reduce the prevalence of school dropout so that more students finish a technical or professional career, and thus achieve better economic and social progress that results in a better quality of life.


To be a leading foundation in honesty, with clear objectives and measurable results.

To be recognised as the foundation with the best results in reducing school desertion through the training of teachers, parents and students.

To reach all the states of the Mexican Republic and other Latin American countries through agreements with educational organisations and other entities.

That our foundation be effective in raising funds for its operation through transparent management of resources, its organizational structure and its corporate governance. This allows us to maintain healthy finances and strong managerial practices.

We are committed to communicating our achievements and the achievement of our objectives to our donors and partners.















The main purpose is to prevent students from dropping out of school and to identify the strengths of each student to achieve their dreams, principally through the TEACHER / TUTOR programme. In this programme, teachers, parents and members of other institutes are trained by the staff of the Foundation, so that afterwards they apply techniques and information to reduce the flight of students from classrooms.



Priority Topics

The priority topics on which the association focuses are:

  • Education: school dropout / retention
  • Self-knowledge and wisdom
  • Emotional and physical well-being
  • Leadership and transcendence
  • Prevention of violence, use of toxic substances and unwanted pregnancies



Key Principles

  1. This is a non-profit organisation for both educational and social development. All the people who work and collaborate in the Foundation share the same values, convictions and objectives.
  2. The general objective of the project is to develop the region towards a higher level of education, better social stability, and improvements in employment and business trends, through the reduction of school dropouts from educational programmes, especially in secondary schools, high schools and higher education. This goal will be achieved through programmes such as the “Purpose of Life” project for teachers, parents and children.
  3. In order to obtain information on real demands where the Foundation’s service will be offered, a research and data analysis project has been implemented in schools, institutes and companies participating in, or associated with, our activities.
  4. The Foundation will carry out an analysis of similar entities, to identify and analyse best practices both globally and locally in the different fields in which it wants to develop its activities. This also helps to determine the alliances that can be complementary and strategic to the initiative in the different areas. To give one example: the Foundation received recognition from USAid in 2019 for meeting the very rigorous requirements of that organisation.
  5. The Foundation will identify the resources necessary to carry out the initiative, as well as the organizational structure (roles, profiles, recruitment, and so on) to implement it.
  6. The Foundation has and updates an economic-financial plan: Using the formal structure of current accounting legislation, it has developed a treasury and investment plan to determine the structure of financial resources, etc., information that will determine the economic viability of the project, to ensure the solvency, profitability and liquidity necessary to carry it out.
  7. The Foundation has an operations plan, that is, all those organizational and technical aspects that the elaboration of the products or services to be provided by the Foundation implies.
  8. The Foundation has a promotional strategy, which concerns who the service is aimed at, what needs it solves, added value, positioning, public relations, and approach to participants and partners. In this non-profit organization, the marketing program is structured in the same way as in profit-making entities: the target audiences are identified and analysed in order to then develop a strategic marketing mix that satisfies the needs of those audiences, using market research as a key support for decision-making.
  9. The Foundation recognises the main risks, and has an expansion or exit strategy. This is about the identification, analysis and quantification of the main risks associated with the initiative. Expansion: Increase the scope of services, the number of people served, the quality of service, etc .; and promote replication of the organisation’s model. Exit: The failure of the foundation can come about for several reasons: economic or financial problems, market displacement, not reaching the proposed objectives, political situation, financial/personal problems of the Foundation partner, etc. Therefore, it is important to have an exit strategy from the market in an organised and as least traumatic way as possible.
  10. It is expected that the regional representation project will result in an increase in the influence, benefits, professionalism and reputation of the Foundation. It is also expected that each collaborator will present advice and criteria to expand and strengthen the structure and activities of the Foundation.


Other projects

We seek the highest and sublime purposes of the human being…

  • Companies with purpose
  • Forming leaders
  • Cities with purpose
  • Environment
  • Health and social work


The Fundación Marcelino Muñoz, in addition to the Teacher / Tutor program, carries out other projects associated with education, health and the environment:

  • Donation of Cleaning Supplies
  • Reforestation
  • Cleaning Crews and Re-adaptation of Spaces
  • Donation of Foodstuffs
  • Health Brigades
  • Psychological Attention



There is a financial affairs committee, whose functions are:

  1. Supervise all financial aspects of the Organization.
  2. Be in charge of reviewing the annual audit.
  3. Recommend financial policies to the Council and supervise their compliance.
  4. Review and supervise: financial reports, annual budget and its application, compliance with local and federal legal / fiscal obligations.
  5. Present the annual budget before their third Monday of October each year.



  1. Educational Institutes (students, teachers and administrators)
  2. Parents
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Government Institutions
  5. Civil associations
  6. General public


Our clients are young people and adults who study, work or are connected to the different educational levels – elementary, secondary, high schools and universities – which are visited by Foundation personnel to offer our services.


Institutional Documents

  1. Constitutive Act
  2. Jomar Foundation Constitution
  3. Governance Manual
  4. Foundation Summary
  5. Information about the Foundation in English
  6. List of videos
  7. Offer Validation Certificate
  8. National Training Strategy
  9. General Agreements and Specific Covenants
  10. General Letters (e.g., registration notice letter, “Academic Culture” access letter, etc.)
  11. Agenda of the “Teacher / Tutor” program
  12. Instructions for entering the “Teacher / Tutor” program
  13. Schedule of the “Teacher / Tutor” program
  14. Welcome to the Training Platform

Muñoz Sánchez


Marcelino Muñoz was born on a ranch in the town of Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas in an environment of poverty and precariousness. By chance of fate, at the age of 12 he was able to visit a city for the first time and, over the ensuing years, different events would mark his life to enable him to achieve his dreams and goals that arose in his childhood: his own life purposes.

Through the years and thanks to those who worked with him, his “Life Purpose” became a reality. Based on this, he seeks ways that as many people as possible also achieve a full and dignified life through education, building values ​​and helping others.